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Have a company in Bulgaria

  1. Company formation
  2. Company buying
  3. Company price
  4. Minimum expenses
  5. Registered address
  6. VAT
  7. Accounting
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Why business in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is EU + NATO member
Lowest taxes in EU
Easy company formation (in 10 days you have company + VAT + VIES)
Easy company buying / selling of existing companies (1 hour)
Low bureaucracy

Fiscal and financial details
Corporate tax (profit tax) 10%
Dividends tax 5%
Corporate tax payment monthly / quarterly / annually
VAT % 20%
VAT declarations monthly
VAT return 45 days since request
(can request every 3 months)
EUR - BGN exchange rate Fixed: 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN
Inflation 2013: + 0.4%
2014: - 1.6%
2015: -1.1%
Minimum company capital 1 EUR
Minimum gross wage 340 BGN
Income (wage) tax 10%

Register a company in Bulgaria and sale across EU without VAT.
You invoice without VAT!

Pay attention to EU funded transactions.
EU funding does not cover the VAT costs, the VAT is a non-deductible cost.
Because of this, the company that takes EU funds, must have money for the VAT (own or credit).
It would be a lot easier if would buy without VAT.
Where from?
From another EU country (intra-community transactions are without VAT).
So, if you have something to sell, register a company in Bulgaria and sell without VAT.

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